This is a text written for a project originally installed in a show called Kamp K48 at John Connelly Presents gallery curated by Scott Hug.

The text was read by a basic text-to-speech reader, and played on a loop through an old ICOM SW radio.

Jumpkit appeared as a wall text with no sound component at the Western Front in Vancouver, BC. It is part of the exhibition/publication, Kits for an Encounter, curated by Candice Hopkins and Marisa Jahn, and published as a book by Jahn, Hopkins & Berin Golonu. http://www.mucketymuck.org/b_1_exhibitions/kits4encounter/archive.htm

. – . .-. --. -. -.-. -.--   -… .-. --- .- -.. -.-. .- … -   -- . … … .- --. .   … ..- .-. …- .. …- .- .-.. .-. . --.- ..- .. .-. . …  .--. .-. . .--. .- .-. .- - .. --- -.   -… .   … -- .- .-. -   .- -. -..   -… .   .--. .-. .- .--. .- .-. . -..

Emergency broadcast message…survival requires preparation. Be smart, and be prepared.

Immediate Attention:

Never, never leave home without a jump-kit.

A jump kit, or ‘go kit’ as it is often referred to, can be composed of many contents, and will vary widely depending upon such things as climate and terrain. If you begin by generalizing your kit, you can make modifications to adapt to any situation. But think first of the essentials, and the fact that you may be carrying your jump kit great distances. One should not be burdened by the over-supply of the kit contents.

You must always be prepared, as you never can anticipate exactly when disaster will occur, and trauma may be encountered. Also, bear this in mind: sometimes you can be prepared in your encounters with crisis, but your neighbor may not be. You may find yourself in a situation where it is up to you to make rapid decisions and to readily share your resources for survival.

The most crucial parts of any jump kit inventory, are one’s psychological and intellectual condition. The concept of preparedness precedes all tools and remedies. You can never practice exercising your skills too much, when it comes to readying oneself for calamities. However, supplementing skill-building and conditioning measures are some basic ingredients to consider when packing a jump kit.

It is imperative to have a radio with you at all times. And a radio will require a power supply.

A flashlight, a mirror, a magnifying glass.


An air-tight container, water, bandages, gauze.

Examination gloves.

Aspirin, alcohol, duct tape.


Jello, a wool hat, plastic bags, a poncho and some wax-coated matches.

A whistle, a compass, some condoms and a knife.

Spare money, a pen and some paper, vise grips, …carabiners,

Vacuum-packed snacks. Underwear, thermal socks. Petroleum jelly. Salt. Candles. Iodine. A toothbrush. Motor oil, nail file, venom extraction pump, trowel, 1000 calorie food lab emergency rations, cocktail shaker.

Sun block. Flares. Screwdrivers. Gill net, surgical tubing, chewing gum, antenna cable, jumper cables, a frying pan, aloe vera, wet wipes, a sun-hat, locator beacon, blood transfusion kit, work gloves, and extra sweater.

Arrows, gasoline, twine, fish hooks, boots, a rain-suit, tick repellent, G.P.S. receiver, toilet paper, electrolyte replacement drink, a towel or wash cloth, rifle-mount telescopic sighting, a folding chair, a sleeping bag, a blanket, tent, needles, nasal spray, small caliber handgun, thread, pillow, reading material, pepper-spray, shotgun, ointment, monkey wrench, binoculars, anal probe, explosive charges, strychnine, vitamin C, cereal, razor blades, tea bags, nails, propane, extension cord, reflectors, knife sharpener, anti-bacterial soap, flint, scissors, a winding clock, multi-purpose snips, a spoon, sawed-off shotgun, shank hook, aluminum case, snare wire, insulated mask, silver polyethylene survival blanket, sulphuric acid, elasticized fabric, snake bite treatment kit, micro-pure water disinfectant tabs, bullion cubes, and sugar.

Also: saline solution, water proof ammo case, tampons, aluminum foil, freezer bags, cauterizing plate, tourniquet, sponge, Zithromax anti-biotic caps, pencil, dog tag, sextant, Vicodan, Teflon tube, knot tying instructional booklet, potassium permanganate crystals, electrical tape, potable water disinfectant tablets, cellular phone, Gore-tex hoody, air-activated hand-and-toe warmers, foam, eye-patch, transparent field dressing, flash burn kit, compress bandages, moleskin, irrigation syringe with catheter tip, betadyne antiseptic, super glue, splinter forecepts, hemostatic clamp, slingshot pouch, thermometer, Ibuprofin, Malox, Benadryl, Pseudophedrin, chloropheniramine, Triamcenolone, Dymenhydrinate, Immodium, oral re-hydration salts, spare-air emergency breathing apparatus, parachute cord, Blistex, sunglasses, manual reverse-osmosis desalinator pump, coagulant, Kevlar vest, anti-coagulant, braided rope, money belt, mesh mosquito body suit, orange surveyors tape, laser signal device, canteen, collapsible cup, fuel-less bi-directional hand operated chainsaw, neck gaitor, dental floss, snare, water-gel burn dressing, no-doze, respirator, replacement filters, oxygen back-up tank, and of course, throwing stars.

Remember, these are just some of the essentials for survival. Each case may vary, and there are personal modifications that one must consider making to each kit based on allergies, special needs, and other unique requirements. These basic elements of your jump kit will allow for lightweight versatility, and portability. Avoid danger, but be prepared when it finds you.

. – . .-. --. -. -.-. -.--   -… .-. --- .- -.. -.-. .- … -   -- . … … .- --. .   … ..- .-. …- .. …- .- .-.. .-. . --.- ..- .. .-. . …  .--. .-. . .--. .- .-. .- - .. --- -.   -… .   … -- .- .-. -   .- -. -..   -… .   .--. .-. .- .--. .- .-. . -..